2010 Bursary Winners

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Bursary Winners 2009

The Royal Aero Club Trust 2009 Bursaries for Youngsters Wishing to Progress in Air Sport & Aviation Associated Activities.

In 2002 the Royal Aero Club Trust as part of its Flying for Youth Program (FfY) launched a Bursary Scheme for young people between 16 and 21, to provide financial assistance for those wishing to upgrade their existing qualification in a wide range of air sports and aviation related activities. To be eligible they have to provide proof that they are a member of one of the Royal Aero Club's air sports association.

2009 Bursaries

Competition for these bursaries was very keen. Well-deserving recipients of bursaries include:

Age Name From Awarded For
17 Russell Mansfield Suffolk Bronze
Russell Mansfield

"The bursary will enable me to go soaring without having to worry about financial issues that would normally restrict the length of my flight."

Age Name From Awarded For
20 Liam Watt North Yorkshire Instructor
Liam Watt

"My financial situation is limited which impedes my progression towards flight instructor."

Age Name From Awarded For
17 David Hayden Bedfordshire Gold
David Hayden

"I work at my Gliding Club and all the money that I earn goes on flying."

Age Name From Awarded For
17 Steven Dall Fife Bronze
Steven Dall

"My club subsidy ceases when I become 18 and a bursary will assist me achieve my flying goals"

Age Name From Awarded For
16 Jamie Thompson East Yorkshire Bronze
Jamie Thompson

"I cannot progress to the next qualification without a bursary."

Age Name From Awarded For
17 Sarah Ashdown Sussex Bronze
Sarah Ashdown

"I’m sure that a bursary would send the message that the Trust is supportive of female pilots."

Age Name From Awarded For
16 Zakk Hutton Staffordshire Bronze
Zakk Hutton

"I have a debilitating condition. A bursary would be fantastic help to enable me achieve my air sport goals and act as a role model for those with similar conditions."

Age Name From Awarded For
19 Edward Monteith N. Ireland Formation Skydive Coach
Edward Monteith

"As a student it is difficult to afford skydiving. A bursary would allow me to become qualified as a coach"

Age Name From Awarded For
20 James Beattie N. Ireland Free Fly 1
James Beattie

"The only thing holding me back from gaining a Free Fly 1 qualification is lack of financial aid."

Age Name From Awarded For
21 Jenny Buckle Oxfordshire Free Fly 1
Jenny Buckle

"Despite struggling to find both time and money for skydiving I have progressed well and every sacrifice has been worthwhile."

Age Name From Awarded For
19 Lucy Eldred Co. Durham Formation Skydive 1
Lucy Eldred

"A bursary would open doors for me and benefit my university club."

Age Name From Awarded For
19 Gordon Frost Gordon Frost Aero modelling equipment
Gordon Frost

"I made the Scottish team for the international triple crown aero modelling competition but I need new equipment to make the UK F3A team ."

Other winners of 2009 bursaries
Age Name From Awarded For
16 Thomas Arscott Surrey Gliding Bronze
19 Colin Field Wiltshire Gliding Instructor
20 Oliver Llewellyn Buckinghamshire Gliding Diamond
17 Alex Hopkins Kent Parachuting Free Fly 1
18 James Addison Cambridgeshire Parachuting Formation Skydive 1
19 Holly Bee Lancashire Parachuting Formation Skydive 1
16 Farren Smith Essex Flight Simulator Air Experience
19 Joseph Thompson Leicestershire Paraglide Club Pilot
17 Robert Grout Cumbria Paraglide Club Pilot
16 Connor Stephenson North Yorkshire Aero Modelling National Indoor Aerobatics Championships